Three Top Tips for Relaunching a Company’s Web Design

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web designThere is no easy way to relaunch a website because of all the effort that it takes.  There are issues like your brand and the overall design that you have to decide on.  There are other things to consider like SEO strategies and the return on your investment and how it affects the traffic to your site.  Having said that, this is the best way to fix the flaws in the site and to ensure that you’re online presence is strong.  Sometimes the branding or other issues simply do not engage your visitors so you need to do something to get them back again.

Have a Set Budget

The bandwidth you are intending to use can determine what type of budget you require to do the redesign work and relaunch.  Keep in mind that most of this money is earmarked for the website and branding changes.  Even if you have a graphics department and do not have to use an outside company, you should plan on spending quite a bit of money on this.  You want to make sure that the graphics department is up to the challenge or if you should outsource this aspect of the project.

Prioritize Your Target Audience

Your customers are smarter about the online experience than they were just a few years ago so you need to keep this in mind.  It is vital that you redesign your website to keep this fact in mind.  You need to have copy that sets the tone for the products and customers.  You also want to keep your customers in mind when choosing what the final look should be for the graphics and web pages.  The most difficult part is choosing what content such as videos, verbiage and images that you want on your site.  Once you have this done you can then add all of your social networking plug-ins.

Have a Launch Plan

You need to have a plan written in stone regarding the launch.  There should be timelines that are set and that have to be met to ensure that the website launches on time.  Each benchmark should be met and then doubled checked to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.  Only when each benchmark is perfect, should you move on to the next one.  This ensures continuity in the site and when it does launch, there is no question that it is perfect.

If your company decides it wants to relaunch it’s website, it can be a huge affair but it doesn’t have to be a mess if you keep everything in order.  Make sure that you have a budget in place and that you have targeted the audience appropriate before starting on the graphics.  Set up a timeline and make sure each benchmark is reached before moving on to the next one.  Finally, you need to have a date set and make sure that you do not go overtime.  If you do all these things, there is no reason why your relaunch should not go as planned.

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