Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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Organic Search Engine Optimization most commonly know by its acronym SEO is the perfect online marketing initiative you can implement for a stronger presence on the Web, one that will make your business more visible by reaching the top of the search engines and letting your customers find you with ease.

Evoke Design will lead your company down the path of success while making SEO a high priority on your Inbound Marketing plan. Contact us, and we’ll tell you about all the great sales opportunities that await you.

Evoke Design SEO Services

Everyday thousands of users search the Web for the best possible deal with a click of a button. We don’t want you to miss countless opportunities with your present website. Evoke Design through our SEO Miami division will improve the structure of your website, creating compelling content to maximize conversions and increase sales. Our search engine placement strategy includes:

Extensive Keyword Research: We find the words people use when looking for your type of product/services, and use them on creative banner ads and link banners.

Competitive Analysis: Who are your competitors? What are they doing in cyberspace? What are their strengths and how can you beat their rankings?

Website Assessment: Evoke Design analyzes the architecture of your site and makes recommendations that will improve traffic and search engine ranking.

Website Enhancement: After a complete analysis, we’ll implement an enhanced structured website that might include design and content changes. Search engine friendly URLs, themed website structure and compelling keyword rich content are some of the most important enhancements Evoke Design will do for you.

On-Page Optimization: We use SEO software tools to analyze your website and identify what’s missing or needs to be improved. At this stage, we fine-tune aspects such as keyword frequency and density, meta tags (such as title, description and keywords), alt tags, title tags and heading tags.

Search Engine Submission: Evoke Design uses a manual or an automated method to submit your site to all of the search engines, directories and social media networks. Because of their high-traffic, the three major search engines today (Google, Yahoo and MSN) require a manual submission. For all the others, we’ll do an automated submission through one of our deep and fast website submission programs. The search engine submission frequency is about once a week.

Detailed Reporting: Evoke Design utilizes search engine monitoring tools to check the rankings obtained for our clients on a regular basis. We provide you with 24/7 access to our search engine ranking reports through our secure client login area. In addition, your SEO account manager will send you weekly as well as monthly reports via email showing search engine rankings, website traffic statistics and on-page optimization performed in the site.

Link Building Campaign Management: The best search engine rankings need two main elements: link popularity and rich content. We provide our clients with a comprehensive link building campaign, identifying only industry-specific, quality link partners that will complement the on-page SEO campaign. A variety of link sources will be identified and pursed i.e. industry related websites, blogs, social media networks, news sites, article distribution networks.

Improve your search engine visibility and rankings, increase your sales, get to the top of the search engines. Request a Free SEO Quote or contact us, and let us take your website to the next level.