Three Web Design Tips That You Must Know!

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Everyone wants to have a website that is both aesthetically appealing along with being easy to navigate but producing the final effect can be more difficult than you’d think.  Some web designers can turn these types of sites out with no problem at all and others struggle with them.  One thing to keep in mind is that you have to understand and follow the rules of design that never change no matter what new technologies are out there.  Even when designing a mobile friendly website, these rules still apply and if you are not using them, then you have found the underlying problem.  The following are three web design tips that you must know if you want to create the best websites possible.

Typography is the Main Aspect of Web Design

If you are more concerned about the pictures and graphics on your website then you are missing the entire point.  A website is basically text that is filled in with photos and graphics, but the majority of the page is made up of text.  So, you have to learn about typography design in order to have any success when building a website.  Some easy ways to get started are always making headlines bold so they are easy to read at a glance.  The body of the text should be written with a font that is easy to read so the website visitors don’t have to maximize or zoom the webpage to read it.   Also, always use a larger font than you think is necessary to accommodate mobile platforms.

How Many Colors Should You Use?

When creating a website, or any design for that matter, it is important to stick to three colors in order for the site to not look cluttered.  If you choose three colors, you need to stick to those colors and not deviate from them when designing.  This shows a consistency and doesn’t take away from the body of the site or the products that are being highlighted.  Some consider two neutral colors with a third bold color for strong accents.  Make sure that the main color is soft like cream, beige or white so everything else stands out next to it.  Also, you don’t want the text to be too dark because it can actually be hard on the eyes particularly when read from mobile devices.

Space Matters

What this means is that while you have to take advantage of all of the available space, you also have to make sure that the page doesn’t look too crowded or cluttered.  You want to give all content room to breathe as it were.   Add in some margins around text to make it easier to read and it allows the brain to focus on just the text without being distracted by its surroundings.  Also, break up the text with some photos so the visitors don’t think the website is just text based or that they have to read everything as this can be a huge turn off and can be overwhelming.  You can also use large subheadings to break up the monotony of the text and to keep the readers interested.

The best tip for designing a website is to become a more consistent designer.  Choose a three color palette the fonts you want to use and stick to them!

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