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How to Choose the Right Web Designer

Posted October 5th 2013 Blog - 0 Comments

web designerIf you are ready to start your own website or if you want to redesign your current one then you need to have a great web designer to do this.  While you may have an employee who says they are familiar with web design, it is really important to get a professional on the job even if it costs more than you would pay your employee.  Professional web designers understand all the new algorithms that Google has just released and know what it takes to not only create a great website, but to make it gain a page one search return.  Below are some tips for finding a good web designer and other issues you need to be aware of when it comes to your website.

Why SEO is Important

So before you decide to save the money and have your employee do your web design, you have to understand the importance of SEO.  SEO means search engine optimization.  When you put in a search query to Google or any other search engine, the keywords you input are searched through a huge database of websites.  Now, search engines use those keywords plus other algorithms, or small programs, to determine which sites will be first and which ones can be put lower on the list.  Some of the criteria are social media influences, article content and other types of content.  The rules on what is most important are always changing so unless your employee understands and keeps up with these issues, they are not really doing you a favor.

Hiring a Professional

When you make the choice to hire a professional you have to do some background work before you put out any money up front.  While there are some wonderful web designers out there, not all will come through with what they promise.  Make sure you check out their portfolio and actually go on the websites that they say that they have designed.  You are well within your rights to call the owners of the websites to ask if that designer was the creator and how they were to work with.  It can take some time, but you will benefit greatly if you go with a well established designer that understands the new SEO rules.

The Benefits

Above and beyond the SEO issues that you need to be aware of, a professional web designer will also work with you on your social media efforts.  Google has made it impossible to reach a page one ranking without a proper social media presence on the internet.  So if you don’t have any social media pages, this designer can help you to get them up and running before the website goes live to keep you ahead of the game.  They will also teach you how to get more followers on Twitter and Instagram, fans on your Facebook page and will help you make and post videos on YouTube that you can embed on your website.  All these things need to be done in order to have a more solid SEO effort.

While all of the above may seem confusing, a true web designer can illustrate how easily all these efforts work together to make your website get a page one ranking!

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