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Hot Trends for Web Design

Posted June 13th 2013 Latest News - 0 Comments

web designEach year there are new things to look out for in web design and you should always make sure your website stays on top of these trends.  These are things that must be done in order to keep your website at the top of search engine results.  Typically is that a reflection of the times and what is happening in the culture of users.  The following are some of the latest trends for web design today.

Layouts That Respond to All Media Types

One of the main trends for the past few years is more search queries going through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  With the smaller screens, a typical website can be too much for them to display properly.  So designers need to make sure that they use a layout that is friendly for all types of devices.  The design needs to be more uniform so if there are other devices that have not come out yet the website will load properly on it.

Using Big Oversized Pictures

One trend that has firmly taken hold is using big oversized pictures as the background for their page.  Photographers and designers alike are really putting this trend out there because they tend to be more pleasing to the eye when compared to a thumbnail or smaller photograph.  This is also considered edgy and most people love an edgy look to their website so all designers should keep this trend in mind.  This does work well with the responsive layouts, too.

Formatting Landing Pages

Landing pages used to have just about everything you’d want to know about a company including what the business is all about and even some products or services that are for sale.  Today, landing pages are not as busy and are actually on the minimal, side allowing customers to browse further for more content.  You really want your landing page to be simple and to highlight just those products that are popular or those you need to move quickly.  The text needs to be big and bold so it is easy to read and it needs to convey the message in just a few words.

Social Media Badges

It is vital than any website now contain social media badges for social media marketing efforts.  They should be placed in a few different places on the website, on the landing page and every page with products on them.  They should also be used in articles and other marketing strategies.  The link should go to the social media site where the client’s social media is located for their friends, fans or followers to click on.

When it comes to trends for web design it is important to stay current and keep your website or your client’s website up to date.  These are more than just trends; they are a way to keep the websites at the top of the search engine rankings.  Make sure that you design websites that can be viewed easily on any type of device, include social media badges, have a landing page that contains minimal information and don’t be afraid to use large oversized pictures on the website.

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