Tips for Creating a Web Design for Musicians

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Young musician playing acoustic guitar and singing, on gray backThe music industry is very competitive so aspiring artists need to do everything they can be noticed. Creating a website will help you achieve recognition and establish your own unique identity in the music business. You want your website to look professional but at the same time, it needs to show your individuality because your visitors will expect your site to be unique.

Musicians are known for their creativity, so if your site looks just like someone else’s, it will create a bad impression. People could label you as a copycat instead of a new aspiring musician and that will make it difficult to build a large fan base. No one will take you seriously if you appear to be copying someone else, so be creative and include the following features in your design.

What to Include When Building a Web Design for Musicians

Before you can begin creating your website, you need to determine exactly how you plan to use it. For example, do you plan to promote your music or to provide users with information? Knowing what you hope to accomplish with your site will make it easier for you to create a design that helps you achieve your goals.

A web design for musicians should:

  • Clearly represent your brand while catering to the wants and needs of your targeted audience.
  • Be easy to navigate and have a load time of fifteen seconds or under.
  • Have font size that’s easy to read and that helps to give your site a clean, organized appearance.
  • Be simple and avoid flashy colors that are distracting.
  • Include audio and video samples to show visitors your music style using Flash Design.
  • Create blogs to provide your visitors with information about the music industry and your particular style of music.
  • Have proper SEO techniques to move you up in rank to help users find you.
  • Include message boards, gig schedules, forums and a comment section.
  • Provide a fun and interesting experience for your audience while staying true to yourself.

These are just a few of the basic web design guidelines for a musician. Our professional web designers here at Evoke Design can help you build a site that contains all of these features while still creating a design that is unique to you.

Keep Your Website Updated

Keeping your website updated is vital to your success. If visitors never find anything new on your site, they won’t have any reason to keep coming back. They’ll find it to be dull and boring and they may begin to think the same about your music.

On the other hand, adding fresh, new content and keeping your site updated for search engines will have the opposite effect. You’ll rank higher in searches and users will want to keep visiting to see what you’ll share next. A good web design will generate interest and get users excited about your music and that will encourage them to keep coming back and to tell others about you.


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