Website Monitoring

Keep a Close Watch Over Your Website

You’ve spent countless hours working on every single aspect of your website. And when the site is finally up and running, a new set of challenges begins. From content management to constant SEO optimization, Evoke Design is with you at all times and will also help you monitor your website, 24/7.

Minimize your downtime and maximize your uptime. Don’t be the last to know that your website is down or that a URL is not working. If your website is down, your business will have a negative impact and users will get a bad impression or abandon your site to look for your competitors.

  • Do you want to have a reliable website monitoring partner?
  • Do you want real-time reports to evaluate your website’s performance?
  • Do you want to be notified immediately when your website or a section of it is inaccessible to users?

Let Evoke Design be your ideal partner to monitor your website. We can do all that and more.

Get a FREE Web Monitoring Quote or Call Us Toll-FREE 1-866-717-5646. Our website monitoring software will detect any problems and warn you before any loss occurs.


Non-Stop Monitoring and Downtime Notification
Focus on your customers and the quality of your products, while we take care of monitoring your site. Our automated service monitors your site 24/7, 365 days of the year. Plus, if any problems come up, you get an instant notification via email or SMS.

Multi-protocol Support
Our system lets you monitor HTTP and HTTPS on any port. And our software supports Ping, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SMTP, FTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP and MySQL. We also have the technology to support arbitrary services running on TCP/IP.

GET & POST Methods
To increase our level of monitoring, we support both GET & POST methods. If you prefer, you can specify the exact URL to be monitored, and include a query string in the URL. If you want to test form submissions, we recommend using the POST method because of its E-commerce features (testing contact forms, shopping carts, search functions, login forms, and others.)

Live Status, Uptime and Performance Reports
We let you easily display an uptime report right on your website! What better way to show your current and potential customers they can rely on you? Plus, our easy-to-read reports will keep you updated in regard to the uptime and performance of your website.

Page Content Check
You can specify optional keywords that should or should not appear on the pages to be monitored. This SEO approach is another specialty of Evoke Design.

Authentication, Cookies, Redirections
We can monitor any website page, including those that require authentication and cookies. We also trail redirections, to make sure the destination page is accessible.

Maintenance Setup
You can set up a monitoring schedule according to your particular needs. We can pause monitoring for a specific time of the day or exclude them from uptime reporting.

Easy to Use, Free of False Alarms!
Our monitoring software is very easy to use, and we guarantee there will be no false alarms to inconvenience you!

FREE Data Migration Service
Once you choose Evoke Design for your website monitoring needs, we’ll import your uptime history to our system, for FREE! The switch will be easy, painless and worthwhile!