Logo Design

Logo Design

Be recognized, be unforgettable

When you think about the biggest brands of the world, what image comes to mind first? Their logo! From Coca-Cola to Pepsi, IBM, or Apple, they all have one thing that stands out from the rest: their logo. No matter where in the world, you see the logo of any of these brands, you immediately recognize it.

That is exactly what our logo design experts at Evoke Design can do for you. We will create a logo that will identify your company or brand above any other competitors and companies. We will listen to your ideas, get a full understanding of the mission and goals of your company or brand, and present you with five different options to choose from, all in 5 to 7 business days!

The logo of your company is one aspect of your brand you can’t neglect. It’s the image embodying an organization. It should be simple yet clever enough to be recognizable, even from people who don’t use your services.

The professional logo designers at Evoke Design will look at different aspects of logo design when creating your customized logo, such as:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Type (font)
  • Iconography

It’s important to take all of these elements into account, especially if your brand is an international one. The main goal of Evoke Design is to create a logo that will stand out and be identifiable in every corner of the world.

Evoke Design will provide you with outstanding service that includes:

  • Customized logo design. We don’t use any clip art to design your logo. You’ll get a unique design, created from scratch just for you.
  • Free logo formats for web and print (including vector format).
  • Dedicated, professional logo designer. Our creative staff will translate your wishes into a graphic reality.
  • Fast turn around time, 5 to 7 business days.
  • Private viewing area through our Project Management System.
  • A Project Manager will be assigned to your account. This professional and our design team are available to answer any design related questions, any time.

Get a Free Custom Logo Design Quote right now! Satisfaction Guaranteed!