Three Reasons Why Do it Yourself Websites are Not Recommended

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Responsive-evoke-lrgMany small business owners get caught in the trap of wanting to save money so they go to one of these “build your own websites free” sites to at least have some type of online presence.  These types of sites are only good for one thing: allowing families to share stories and other news.  They are in no way shape or form a way for any type of business to make money or to have any type of quality design features.  While we all know that it’s not rocket science to have great web design, there are some skills required in order to make this happen.  Design, layout and knowledge of graphics are vital to any good website.  The following are some other reasons why do it yourself websites are not recommended.

A Website Represents the Business

When a business has a website, it is like an online storefront that represents a business in the same way a brick and mortar building would do.  If a company wants to be taken seriously, both of these representations need to be professional and should show off the business in the best light.  Many customers will never see your brick and mortar building but they will see a website so it needs to look both professional and well designed.  This is not something that just anyone can do on their own in the fashion as a dedicated web designer can.  Just like you wouldn’t build your own warehouse or corporate offices, you should never build your own website from a DIY online website company.

Mobile Layouts

Another issue that these do it yourself web building sites have is that they are not optimized for mobile layouts.  Every website needs to be optimized for both tablets and smart phones because the majority of online users access the internet from these devices.  Yes, many people still use their computers, laptops and desktops, but for those who do not, you have to have a mobile presence.  The best way to have a great mobile website is through a professional web designer who understands the mobile principals and who follows them at all times.  They also understand the technological differences that come with both platforms.

No Control Over Domain Name

One of the biggest issues over a DIY website creator is that you may not have control over your own domain name.  Even though you think you have paid for it, if you do not purchase the domain separately, you do not own it outright.  So when you decide to change services, servers or to go with a professional web designer, you may not take your own domain name with you.  This means your loyal customers will not know how to find you after you decide to make the change to a professional web designer.  You’ll have to start from scratch with all of your SEO efforts too.

If you have been considering creating your own do it yourself website for your company, don’t waste your time and instead, hire a professional who will do your site justice.

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