Small Business Web Design Tips

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web designWhen it comes to having success online it can all boil down to employing the proper strategy for creating a website.  When this does not happen, it can be detrimental to the overall process that is available.  The main point of having a website it is to compel people to visit the site and to turn into customers rather than visitors.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you just have a website that is not working for you, you must have an effective website.  The following are some of the top tips for small business web design.

Look at Your Site as If You Are the Customer

Many web designers look at the site as if they are the customer are visiting it for the first time.  You can also look at some of the larger corporation’s websites to see how they have it organized and set up.  You can gather a great deal of information on what you should do with yours and you can see what you should not do.  Even some big companies make mistakes with their websites and this can be a learning tool for you.  The point is to see what these websites look like from a strictly customer viewpoint.  If you can do this with your site then you will get more traffic.

Be Relatable to Your Audience

While you may be passionate about your brand and what you do, you have to learn to relate to you audience.  You should not use industry based lingo but rather choose the verbiage that your customers can understand.  For instance, if you are selling products that are marketed to teens, you don’t want to go at them with fancy language.  Try to learn the latest lingo and slang to attempt to draw them in.  This is not to say that you should not sound professional, but you do want your customers to understand you and to grasp what you are saying.  If you talk over your customer’s heads, they will go to a company that is not doing this.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Visual

Don’t load up your site with a great deal of text based content because people simply don’t have that much time to read these days.  We now live in a very visual based society so you need to pick it up a notch and give your visitors what they want.  Use photos when you can instead of text and let these pictures speak for themselves.  You can also add in some videos as long as they are brief and are not more than a minute or two long.

When small businesses are starting off on the internet it is vital that they know about proper web design.  There are many great companies out there who can offer web design services and that can help small businesses to get a great website published.  Just make sure that the designer you choose has references and a portfolio so you can assure yourself that you are getting what you pay for.

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