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Tag: marketing automation

16 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2016

Posted February 22nd 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

Follow influencers, engage with your audience, run analytics, schedule posts at the right time and day, re-post well performing posts, track what goes viral…. Can you honestly do all of that manually? Research shows that we waste about 6 hours per week on social media activities for businesses. Why waste? Because it could be all…

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7 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Posted January 26th 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

Marketing automation works for your business while you sleep. Being a marketer is a lot of work. From creating landing pages, writing blog posts and updating social media, there are very few moments when we have zero items on our to-do list. Smart marketers know that if all our time is spent crafting blog post…

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