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7 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Posted February 4th 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

  44% of email recipients made, at least, one purchase last year based on a promotional email. How many of your subscribers made a purchase on your website? If the number is low, the potential for growth in your business is huge. Better email marketing is the key to more sales, upsells and creating a tribe…

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5 Ways Smart Forms Are Better than Regular Forms

Posted January 28th 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

Have you ever filled in a contact form on a website? I bet you did. Chances are, you probably have a bunch of forms on your own website as well. Well, I hope you at least have a contact form. That’s the bare minimum. As a savvy marketer, you most probably have subscription forms, inquiry…

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7 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Posted January 26th 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

Marketing automation works for your business while you sleep. Being a marketer is a lot of work. From creating landing pages, writing blog post and updating social media, there are very few moments when we have zero items on our to-do list. Smart marketers know that if all our time is spent crafting blog post…

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What a Buyer’s Journey Is, and What You Need to Know

Posted January 7th 2016 - Blog - 0 Comments

A buyer’s journey is not the trip people take to your shop. Like that wasn’t obvious… The term buyer’s journey gained popularity in the recent years as a central concept of inbound marketing. However, many business owners and marketers have difficulty understanding what it means and how to use it. If you feel that it’s…

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What ‘Buyer Personas’ Are, and Why You Need Them

Posted December 7th 2015 - Blog - 0 Comments

Considering inbound marketing for your business? Then you must have heard of buyer personas. They’re wherever you go online – in blog posts, marketing plans, videos, services… Everyone has gone crazy about these personas. Here we’re revealing why you need one, what to do with them and how to create your very own buyer personas….

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How To Create a Successful Website For Your Business

Posted October 28th 2015 - Blog - 0 Comments

If you want to turn your website into your best performing sales tool and find out why you’re getting only 30 visitors per month, you are reading the right article You don’t need to be told that a website is an absolute necessity for local and global businesses online. You already know that. And that’s why…

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Tips for Working with Your Web Designer

Posted July 12th 2014 - Blog - 0 Comments

Creating a company website has the potential to increase business and help your company grow but you need to make a good impression on your visitors right from the start. Your website must have a professional appearance and provide all the necessities of a fully functional, easy to navigate site that keeps users coming back….

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How to Find the Best Web Designer

Posted July 4th 2014 - Blog - 0 Comments

When you need a new website or your old one updated, you need a good web designer. Choosing the right person or company for the job is imperative to ensure your site performs efficiently. However, you need to know what to look for in a designer before you can choose the right one. It’s more…

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Tips for Creating a Web Design for Musicians

Posted June 20th 2014 - Blog - 0 Comments

The music industry is very competitive so aspiring artists need to do everything they can be noticed. Creating a website will help you achieve recognition and establish your own unique identity in the music business. You want your website to look professional but at the same time, it needs to show your individuality because your…

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The Importance of Website Monitoring and Maintenance

Posted June 13th 2014 - Blog - 0 Comments

Have you recently created a business website for your company? It’s a great way to extend your reach and increase brand awareness but don’t think that your job is finished now that your website has gone live. Online marketing involves constant website monitoring and maintenance in order to achieve success. It takes a good, user-friendly…

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