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Does Your Web Design Need a Makeover?

Posted December 21st 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

When was the last time you updated your web design? The New Year is always a good time to make changes and there are several web design trends expected to increase in popularity for the upcoming year, making now a great time to update your old design. Technology is always changing and businesses need to…

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Three Web Design Tips That You Must Know!

Posted October 21st 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

Everyone wants to have a website that is both aesthetically appealing along with being easy to navigate but producing the final effect can be more difficult than you’d think.  Some web designers can turn these types of sites out with no problem at all and others struggle with them.  One thing to keep in mind…

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How to Choose the Right Web Designer

Posted October 5th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

If you are ready to start your own website or if you want to redesign your current one then you need to have a great web designer to do this.  While you may have an employee who says they are familiar with web design, it is really important to get a professional on the job…

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Three Web Design Tips for New Companies

Posted September 28th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

There are so many new companies that are opening websites online that it is almost impossible for anyone to keep track of the total amount in any given time frame.  If you are planning or have recently started up your own company then you are not alone.  This means that you have to do something…

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The Top Four Trends in Today’s Web Design

Posted September 18th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

As with anything in real life or on the internet, things tend to trend in certain ways and what was in last year or even last week is no longer popular today.  That same thing can be said about web design and what was in just a few years ago is no longer the norm…

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Three Tips for Simplifying Your Web Design

Posted September 12th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

Any graphic designer or web designer who tell you that you need all the bells and whistles on your website is doing you a disservice.  There was a time when a website was designed to be as flashy and full of as many graphics as possible to be popular.  Thankfully those days are long gone…

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Is Your Flat Web Design Appealing or Boring?

Posted September 7th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

The flat web design is one of the newest trends to hit the web and it’s a lot different from the colorful and detailed designs of the past. This type of design focuses more on the user’s experience than it does getting attention, so the layouts are clean and easy to use. This actually attracts…

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Web Design: Four Things to Avoid

Posted August 22nd 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

Your web design says a lot about your company so it’s important to make a good impression and you may only have a few seconds to do it. Visitors form an opinion of your company within the first seconds of viewing your landing page. This is your opportunity to capture their attention and make them…

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Choose a Professional Web Design Service for Your Business

Posted August 16th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

When it comes to personal website designs, many people choose to create their own and there are many tools available to help. However, this is not a good idea when it comes to a business website unless you have professional web design experience. Your website design says a lot about your company, so it’s important…

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Cutting Edge Web Design Focuses on Mobile Platforms

Posted July 26th 2013 - Blog - 0 Comments

If you are a business owner that has not made it to the mobile age then you are missing out on a large customer base.  There are many people who no longer use a traditional computer and instead rely on their mobile devices for their searches, social marketing, online purchases and online banking transactions.  Any…

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